A touristic program for luxury travellers

Altagamma proposes a program aimed to provide unique, behind-the-scenes experiences at some of Italy’s most iconic brands.


This innovative project, conceived by Altagamma Foundation which gathers and promotes worldwide the most extraordinary Italian brands, is aimed at increasing the number of luxury travelers to Italy, which account for approximately 5% of the over 50 millions foreign tourists who visited Italy in 2016.

The aim of the program is to present the Italian brands as tourist destinations in their own right.

Each brand is recognized worldwide as an icon of excellence, creativity, handicraft and customer service.

Altagamma Italian Experiences have been designed to help attract international luxury tourists, bringing direct and indirect benefits to the entire country.

These itineraries are now enriched with unique and exclusive experiences connected with the Altagamma companies. Examples include: visits to ateliers, design houses, workshops, company headquarters, wine-tasting at world-renowned canteens, meetings with entrepreneurs and owners to better understand their projects and growth.

Altagamma Italian Experiences blend nature, art and culture and represent an opportunity to make direct contact with the production and the design studios which have brought the Italian brands to the top of their sectors worldwide.

The project will include those Altagamma companies which offer unique experiences – totally different from anything offered so far – which will be customised for the requirements and expectations. of each client. These will be experiences specifically created for a limited number of clients.