The Altagamma project aimed to promote the high-end manifacturing jobs

A book presenting the urgent demand for skilled workforce and the training strategies of Altagamma companies. A 30” video to promote the manual labour.


Altagamma Companies are world leaders in high-end manufacturing thanks to the Italian heritage of craftsmanship and arts. Now they are facing the challenges of new technologies. In the coming years these companies will lack a substantial part of the skilled workforce that serves their growth. Companies from 5 different sectors will seek 236,000 talents, many of them from manufacturing areas.

That is the evidence emerging from the Altagamma book “I TALENTI DEL FARE” (Manufacturing Talents), presented on May 30th, 2019 at the Italian Parliament.
In Italy, only 30.7% of all students chooses technical schools at the end of secondary education. And only 15% decides to pursue the academic career at Professional Institutes.

Altagamma proposes the creation of an institutional working table to further explore the necessity to advance specialized training opportunities for young Italians.

Also, in order to valorize jobs in the manifacturing sector, which are considered unattractive and outdated by young people, Discovery Italy created MANIfesto, a 30 seconds video that will be broadcasted in fall 2019.


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