Institutional Relations

Altagamma promotes the interest of the Italian cultural and creative industries with continuous activities of institutional relations at national (Italian) and international level.

Areas of interest:
- Safeguard of industrial property and anti-counterfeiting
- Industrial politics / policy
- Trade policy and selective distribution
- Access to international markets
- Internet Governance
- Tax issues
- Education

Institutional Relations


Altagamma collaborates with governmental institutions and local entities on initiatives to promote the Country (see Panorama) and discusses market entrance and industrial, trade and tax issues.


Altagamma promotes and is a founding member of the European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA), the entity of reference for European Luxury that also includes the French Comité Colbért, the British Walpole, the German Meisterkreis and the Spanish Circulo Fortuny.

In 2012, as a result of ECCIA’s efforts, the European Commission defined the European luxury industry as being that industry based on creativity and culture, it recognised the horizontal nature of the business model of such companies and it highlighted the strategic importance of this industry for European economic and social growth.

Download area

Frontier Economics - ECCIA - Study on the importance of European luxury industry

Study by Frontier Economics that analyses the contribution of the creative and cultural industry to the European economy: since 2012, year of the first release of the report, sales have increased by 28% and 200.000 new job positions have been created.

European Citizens’ Perception of the High-End Cultural and Creative Industries

The survey, commissioned in 2013 by ECCIA and TNS Sofres, highlights the positive perception of the luxury sector by European citizens regarded as the ambassador of European values of quality, excellence and creativity as well as factor of growth, employment and competitiveness.