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Since 1992, Altagamma Foundation gathers High-End Italian Cultural and Creative Companies, recognized globally as authentic ambassadors of Italian style.

The mission is to increase the competitiveness of the High-End industry, contributing to Italy’s economic growth.

The Altagamma members operate in multiple sectors among which fashion, design, jewellery, food, hospitality, automotive, yachts and wellness.

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Altagamma's strategy for the three-year period 2020-2022 focuses on the pillars of INTERNATIONALIZATION, SUSTAINABILITY, CONTEMPORARY OUTLOOK and HIGH-END TOURISM.

To support the Members in the COVID-19 emergency, Altagamma has multiplied the moments of updating on the development of the pandemic, on the trend of consumption in the world-wide markets and on the regulations related to the activities of the industry, in a synergic effort with the other associations.

In particular, the activity of Institutional Relations was intensified and there were numerous meetings with the Government and with the European Institutions, in order to discuss the situation of the industry and its needs in an extremely delicate moment for high-end companies and workers.

Between June and July the recommendations for the Cultural and Creative Industry were presented to both the Italian Government and the European representatives, in view of the drafting of the Recovery Fund.

Altagamma launched a new project designed to celebrate and promote specialised technical occupations. The book I TALENTI DEL FARE, which was presented in May in the Italian parliament, estimates that Altagamma companies will be facing a shortage of around 236,000 specialised workers over the next five years. It also explored the in-house training offered by Altagamma companies (in the Altagamma Corporate Academies), and the various technical schools throughout Italy that work with our companies. Altagamma also launched a television advertising campaign entitled MANIfesto, which highlights the value of this craftsmanship and aims to raise young people's awareness of the career opportunities in this field.

2019 saw the successful second edition of NEXT DESIGN PERSPECTIVES, the international conference focussing on future trends in design and creativity. Curated this year by Deyan Sudjic, Director of London Design Museum and held at the GUCCI HUB in Milan, it was attended by more than 1,000 people.
During Andrea Illy's last year as President, Altagamma reached the record number of 110 members.
Matteo Lunelli has been appointed President of Fondazione Altagamma for the three year period 2020-2022.


The volume Altagamma. Italian Creativity and Culture encapsules the various projects with which its member companies continually reinforce their links with Italy’s cultural and artistic patrimony. Art collections, patronage, sponsorships, corporate museums and master craftsmanship: the initiative offers a snapshot of the extraordinary collective contribution that the Altagamma members have made to the country’s cultural richness.

In order to contribute in increasing the competitiveness of Italian Cultural and Creative Industry, Altagamma publishes the book Altagamma. Strategies for Italian Excellence, a collection of valuable articles by Italian and international contributors, protagonists and experts of the high-end industry, and it advances Altagamma’s strategic proposal to further promote the excellence of Italian industry. 

The first edition of NEXT Design Perspectives is held on October 30, 2018 at La Triennale di Milano. Conceived by Altagamma, in collaboration with ICE – Italian Trade Agency and Fiera Milano, with the contribution of Regione Lombardia and the patronage of Comune di Milano. It focuses on the world trends in creativity and design and their impact on consumption, lifestyles and the business models of cultural and creative companies, analyzed by international speakers involved in a wide range of fields, including innovative designers, bio-manufacturing experts, researchers, scientists and artists.

Altagamma celebrates its 25° anniversary, moving its offices in the very centre of the city and renewing its image identity, with the new logo and the claim “Italian Creativity and Culture”.

In September the “Culture and Creativity” photographic exhibition in Via Montenapoleone gives a glimpse into traditional craftsmanship, aesthetic and product innovation, the relationship with the territories and Italian lifestyle. Twenty iconic images of the Altagamma Brands composes a multifaceted mosaic on the Italian Cultural and Creativity Industry and showed the different souls of Altagamma.


In the same days, the video mapping project From the Workshop to the Showcase, the Cinema of Arts&Crafts takes place: the buildings along Via Montenapoleone turn into giant projection walls on which each night the stories of the Arts and Crafts that have made, and still make, the history of Italy’s world-class manufacturing came to life. The project is part of the MILANO XL program, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Panorama, the video installation on the Italian Beauty, comes to New York, at Grand Central Terminal, from June 25th to July 27th, attracting more than 16,000 people.  In November, Panorama opens in Shanghai, during the local edition of Salone del Mobile.

Altagamma is part of the Fashion Committee, the organism created by MInister Carlo Calenda to promote the sector.

A new category of Honorary Members debut in Altagamma, the Cultural and Artistic Italian Institutions: Triennale Milano, Biennale Venezia, Teatro alla Scala in Milan and MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI arts, in Rome.

To celebrate EXPO Milano 2015, Altagamma inaugurates Panorama: a video installation enhancing Italian beauty co-produced with the Ministry of Economic Development, Municipality of Milan, Italian National Fashion Chamber, Design Week and Chamber of Commerce of Milan.

Altagamma, in collaboration with Uomo Vogue, Maserati and Borsa Italiana, organizes the Premio Giovani Imprese (Emerging Brands Award). This scouting project aims to reward start-ups in the cultural and creative industry with a mentorship program and an Altagamma membership for the new Young Enterprises category.

Altagamma completes its research and study proposal with the Luxury Global Consumer Insight, an analysis focused on the global elite consumer.

Creation of the Altagamma Club, a complex cooperation system formed by entrepreneurs and managers of the high-end cultural and creative industries who enjoy a number of benefits related to their own businesses.

Andrea Illy is elected President of Fondazione Altagamma and Stefania Lazzaroni is appointed General Director.

A partnership program between the private and public sector is consolidated and a study conducted byCRESV Bocconi upon the business model of luxury companies and of their contribution to this industry, is presented to the government and institutions of all levels.

The Giornate Altagamma (Altagamma Days) are established. During these strategic consulting meetings, Altagamma entrepreneurs discuss with external high-level professionals about macro-themes related to the industry.

Opening of LARTE in Milan: the concept store dedicated to Italian lifestyle conceived within Altagamma and realized by a group of partners belonging to a variety of sectors in accordance with the spirit of the Foundation.

When Gualtiero Marchesi and Gillo Dorlfes join, the category of Altagamma honorary members develops into the Ambasciatori dell’eccellenza italiana nel mondo (Ambassadors of Italian excellence in the world).

A dedicated working group to address tax issues is formed.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Altagamma inaugurates the “Altagamma Italian Contemporary Excellence” exhibition. Ten Italian talented photographers accept the challenge to capture the essence and culture of the Altagamma partner through their own creativity.

The result is a mosaic that highlights the “beauty, the good and the well made” of Italian businesses of excellence. The following year, the exhibition moved to Shanghai at the ex Italian Pavilion of EXPO 2010.

The Foundation is committed to distribute the film “Il Successo nelle Mani” to promote the essence of the high-end craftsmanship industry.

The film developed in collaboration with the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Milano” tells the success stories of four Masters and four apprentices of the Altagamma partners.

The European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA) is formed and promoted by Fondazione Altagamma, Comité Colbert and Walpole with the aim of presenting as a sole entity, the needs of the luxury industry to the European Institutions.

The German and Spanish counterpart Meisterkrei and Circulo Fortuny will later join the alliance.

Fondazione Altagamma (Altagamma Foundation) becomes operational in pursuing the international establishment of Italian lifestyle and culture, in respect of the statute.

The publishing house, Skira, launches “Bella e Possibile – Memorandum sull’Italia da comunicare with the objectives of identifying the contemporary Italian excellences and to suggest how to better communicate them.

Inauguration of the Altagamma International Honorary Council, which brings together foreign leading companies in the distribution, communications and service industries that contribute to the international success of Italian excellence.

Altagamma and SDA Bocconi University launch the Master in Fashion, Experience and Design Management (MAFED). The courses are held at SDA Bocconi University and 40-50 international students enroll each year.

With Leonardo Ferragamo’s new presidency, the main focus is to develop joint programs for the European Institutions by establishing partnerships with the English and French counterparts Walpole and Comité Colbert.

Altagamma promotes the “Dall’Italia” show (From Italy): a theatrical representation of Italian history and culture together with the values of each one of the partners part of Altagamma.

Conceptualization and development of the Altagamma Monitor, the first tool to periodically analyse the global consumption of luxury products.

Since its very beginning, the Altagamma research panel has been in continuous growth and as for today accounts for 8 annual studies.

Associazione Altagamma (Altagamma Association) is founded with Santo Versace appointed as president and Armando Branchini as Secretary General. During its first years it focuses on issues related to access to markets and counterfeiting through lobbying activities with the Italian government and European institutions.

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